It’s all Sienna Miller’s fault

Rush & Molloy suggest Sienna Miller caused the break-up between Sean Penn and his wife of 20 years, Robin Wright. A source tells of a party at a New York hotel suite where Sienna was all over Penn while his wife was home with the kids.

“Sienna was sitting on Sean’s lap,” according the source. “She was dressed very sexily. She had her arm around his neck.” That night, claims the source, they stayed up quite late.

One Penn friend maintains there was never anything romantic between them. “Sienna is like that with everyone,” says the friend. “She’s very physical. She drapes herself over people she likes. She doesn’t mean a lot by it.”

Sienna Miller seems to cause a lot of trouble making her an easy scapegoat. So much so that I’ve started using her as an excuse for everything too. Why did you pee in my garden? Sienna Miller. Why did you crash into my car? Sienna Miller. Why is there a dead hooker in your trunk? Sienna Miller. See? It’s very versatile.

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