Jake Gyllenhaal is very distraught

Heath Ledger’s death has hit Jake Gyllenhaal harder than most. Jake, godfather to Heath’s daughter, underwent a dramatic change in mood; readily apparent on the set of his new movie, Brothers.

“He was there, but he wasn’t with us. It was obviously a major trauma,” says the movie source. “These guys were very close. [Jake] was sitting in the director’s chair staring off into space.”

The 27-year-old’s somber mood is a sharp contrast to the happier times on the set of Brothers. During one intense early prison scene, Gyllenhaal jokingly reached into his pocket and took out a picture of his Brokeback beau to stick on the prison wall. “Like those prisoners put [loved ones] on the wall, but Jake’s was Heath Ledger,” one set source recalls. “That was hilarious. It was a nice moment.”

The source adds, “When you think back on it now, it’s touching.”

Must… not… make… gay jokes… out of… respect. Can’t… contain… much longer. Head… about to… explode. Why do they… make it… so easy? *Looks at pictures below* Ahhhhhh!

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