Jamie Lynn is a good mother

According to Life & Style (via MSNBC), Jamie Lynn Spears’ parenting skills are pretty much on par with Britney Spears’. Sources say Jamie continues to party late into the night despite being four and a half months pregnant. Some even believe Jamie is still smoking and drinking.

Dr. Steven Sherwin, an ob-gyn that doesn’t treat Jamie Lynn, told L&S that even a half a glass of wine is unsafe for pregnant women, and smoking can cause low birth weight.

I’ve always wanted to know what would happen if a celebrity ignored prenatal advice. Would the alcohol and nicotine alter the baby’s genetic makeup unlocking parts of its brain unused by normal humans thereby giving it superpowers like telekinesis or the ability to read minds? Or would it come out with one arm shorter than the other, a tail, an extra eye instead of a second nipple and no superpowers? Which one do you think it’ll be? I’m on pins and needles!

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