Jenna Jameson pops out of a cake for Tito

Jenna Jameson did her yearly pop-out-of-cake dance for her boyfriend Tito Ortiz’s birthday. I’m confused. They say ugly girls hang out with uglier, fatter girls to look prettier by comparison. So, why then, is Jenna Jameson dancing with these sexy ladies? Shouldn’t her backup dancers be women who won’t overshadow her. Say, burn victims or IED survivors? I bet when she made her way to Tito’s lap, Tito’s penis shook it’s head no, pushed Jenna away and vigorously pointed at the other girls on stage.

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Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
13 years ago

Man, go figure…HTF could a once super smoking-hott porn gurl mess up the one thing that she was known & praised for…Just but a few short years ago she was on top of her looks game w/all the appropriate physical enhancements in outstanding working order and now she’s gone & F’d that all up…She looks like an anorexic on the pipe now(and I damn sure don’t mean the one in a dude’s boxers)…That owl-faced Nicole Richie scrag even laughs at her now…

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