Joanna Krupa, supermodel, zoo lover?

Here we have pics of insanely hot supermodel Joanna Krupa. Promoting the Miami Zoo?!? Either zoos pay really high appearance fees or someone needs to fire their manager. Walking the red carpet at zoo openings represent graduate courses in catwalking. Strutting your stuff in front of celebrities and designers, hoping not to fall? Easy. Parading between the hyena and monkey, while trying to avoid droppings? Now, that’s tough. I commend thee. Collect your paycheck and dignity at window #3.

Joanna, you like zoos so much? I got ya zoo right here! Touch my monkey, go ahead, touch it. Hey hey, yo! Bada bang bada bing. Shama lama ding dong woot woot. That’s right honey. I’m a gonna ding and a dong you and woot woot all over your monkey lovin’ face.

Guest contributor: Captain Swarthy

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