Kate Moss is a good mother

Unable to find a babysitter on NYE for her five year old daughter, Kate Moss and boyfriend, Jamie Hince, decided to bring her along to the Amanpuri Resort in Phuket, Thailand. There, Kate was seen dancing and sipping champagne with her late into the next morning. The source said,

“But Kate was definitely being a mom. She was with her daughter the whole time.”

Oh, well in that case, it’s fine. I thought they were going to say Kate left her in the bathroom stall while she got drunk. That would just be bad parenting. I’m glad Kate already knew you’re always supposed to offer drinks to your guests.

· Portable child [Page Six]

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15 years ago

Kate still rocks it! who cares that she has a kid and a coke habit, I could stop breathing if I had her just once.