Lucy Clarkson is tasteful

You’re probably wondering who this is. It’s Lucy Clarkson, duh. You want to know more? Fine. She’s a 25 year old English model who’s claim to fame was becoming the fourth Lara Croft model from the Tomb Raider series — Karima Adebibe is the current model — and now, lifting her dress up to show the world her box. Classy. Better yet, she’s not related to Kelly Clarkson. Score! Picture NSFW.

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Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
16 years ago

AAH YES…Another in a lomg line of hot tramps hoping to make it big…or at least hook up with someone who can maybe keep them in the mix…More power to ya baby…Just keep taking more & more of those clothes off and you’ll be just fine(if ya like making Bang Bros. porno flicks that is)…

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
16 years ago

Ahh the mud girl….
I would like to cornhole her after she’s eaten like a pig for two days and then play with her “mud”.