Mariah Carey wants a cool voice synthesizer

Mariah Carey wants a Stephen Hawking type voice machine so she can talk like a robot to people (Stephen Hawking has used a synthesizer ever since he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Currently, the singer has to communicate through writing when resting her voice before a concert. The voice box type thing would make her life much easier. The superstar says,

“Before a big show I’m not allowed to speak for two days. It’s boring writing notes. I need Stephen Hawking’s voice machine so I think and it comes out in a robot voice.”

I know what Mariah means. Sometimes at Disneyland I get so jealous when I see people in wheelchairs being pushed around. I say to them, “Dude, you’re so lucky to be in a wheelchair. My legs are f’ing tired. Not only that, you get to cut in front of all the lines.” They always well up with tears afterwards. I guess they’re just really happy at being envied since it doesn’t happen too often.

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Birch Barlow
Birch Barlow
16 years ago

I’m always hearing about these screechy pop singers who can’t ever speak for fear of ruining their precious instrument. Do you know what bull + s**t equals? I’m not going to raise a huge fuss over it, but I know and have worked with opera singers. Not one has ever done anything like that. Childish. If you can’t sing properly, take lessons.

16 years ago

I wonder what her opinion of the machine will be when she finds that it doesn’t operate with “mind rays”? If I recall correctly, it works by use of a computer where he has to use his eyesight to find a word on a monitor and choosing it with his finger – the only part of his body that works. The things you hear on TV are usually well-planned out and many times written in advance. Otherwise, spontaneous conversation is much slower as he has to find or spell out his words.