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Miss America

The Miss America pageant and all these types of pageants have to be the most boring events ever. The whole point of the show is to parade around a bunch of cock-teases and later, trick them into believing people care about their opinions by having them answer a random question. They often try to recite a profound answer memorized from one of their flash cards in an attempt to make themselves seem intelligent. Sometimes they fail spectacularly as shown in the video below. But, whatever. What I want to know is, if you’re so smart, why aren’t you doing this naked?

Here’s the swimsuit portion of the Miss America 2008 prelims. More under the cut.

Miss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 Swimsuit

Miss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 SwimsuitMiss America 2008 Swimsuit

  • Linda

    After watching the Miss America Reality Check on the Learning Channel, that finally the Miss America pagent would be different, that the girls would be judged by thier talents and personality rathar than just appearance. We were so very dissapointed, the big haired overly made up Miss America showed us that the pagent really isn’t interested in what really makes a person beautiful. The bathing suit segment was like a stripper show. This is the first time in many years my family watched the pagent, and will most likely be the last.

  • Glenn

    Why not just call it “The new, more sexual Miss America” Unreal, I still don’t understand why these girls want to do these pagents. Spinning around like little whores in bathing suits does not uphold what Miss America has been historically. However, society today wants to see the trashy girls taking their clothes off for free, I would not be proud to take any of these girls home to mom based on the new “sexed up” Miss America exploits.

  • Milo Malhabour

    Revamping the format to give the pageant an updated touch is one thing, but making it trashy to look like one of Maury Povich’s Transvetite show where audience guessed if it is a he or a she is another thing. The show fits Las Vegas perfectly. Maybe TLC takes some tips from the pretigious Miss U.S.A.

  • Brooke

    Iactually liked the new Miss America format. However, someone should have told the Judges MA was looking for something different. Miss California got hosed! The “new” Miss Amrica looks like she stepped out of a 1950’s pagent and so did her talent. Her voice was pitchy and MA should have banned that song if they wanted a “new” standout. Too Much Make-up. Speaking of those that got hosed so was; Miss Utah, Miss Florida, Miss New Mexico and Miss Maryland! Does anyone else think the “new” winner Miss Michigan looks just like last years “old” MA? So what is different?

  • Lori

    I agree with Brooke; Miss CA got hosed and I was shocked that Michigan won. The only thing I can figure out is that it must have been won/lost in interview; that is the portion of the pageant that the audience never sees, and if you have a less-than-stellar talent and they liked you in interview, they’ll forgive your miserable talent.

    I was not impressed with Mark Steines (calling Miss Wisconsin “Miss Wyoming”…) and several of his comments (jokingly said as they likely were) that he “wondered why he had taken this job” and he wasn’t prepared for it. The opening seemed as though they hadn’t briefed the cameramen where to position their cameras as the judges were introduced–Steines introduced the first judge or two before the camera could even find them!! It definitely was not the best pageant Miss America has put on.

    They ought to (heaven forbid I even say this!) take a look at the Miss USA pageant and expand their horizons in that direction. Not copy it, by any means, but see how they’ve become the success that they are.

    Having said that, I liked the idea of the general public being able to vote for a contestant to add to the top-15 and I liked the idea of having the contestants sit through the whole thing and watch it as it unfolded. Normally they are all off-stage and don’t see a thing except for TV monitors they might be able to watch it on backstage.

    Enough said. I look forward to more comments from others!!

  • SouthernGal

    Although updates were needed, the new Miss America pagent was trashy, tasteless, and appearred as a cheezy cheap reality show!

    The swimsuit portion was more like watching ‘working girls’ peddling their wares on the strip–tasteless!

    Since it appears TLC has the pagent until 2010, my family and I will be skipping the pagent for the next few years!

  • Bonnie

    I was astonished by the production. All the glamour of the pageant was taken away. I think the Miss America Organization has made a big mistake. I could not believe that the girls were wearing jeans and “tank tops” when they were introduced. I will not watch the pageant as long as it is heading in this direction.

  • Maria

    I have lost all respect and interest in the Miss America pageant! If the goal was to create a new image demonstrative of strong, dynamic, intelligent role-models, a barbi-like bimbo that can only hope to be a Broadway star is a terrible representative. Miss America is far from modern, if anything it is regressing (think 1945 with jeans). Miss Utah was the most representative of a strong, independent, charismatic woman; she is representative of a woman that can speak her mind, be an individual, and be beautiful inside and out. As part of the “new generation” which Miss America claimed they wanted to influence, If a washed-up cheerleader (Miss Michigan )is the type of woman you hope I aspire to be, I say, your pageant is outdated and despicable which perpetuates a cycle of young women’s role-models, modeling nothing but their ass..ets. Miss Utah, way to represent today’s young women, teenagers, and twenty-somethings; you are the true role-model!!!

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