Morning time wasters

Lindsay Lohan

  • Hollywood Rag: Lindsay Lohan shouts at the paps
  • DH: Adriana Lima in 2005. Still unnatractive
  • Flisted: Seth Green has some dirt on his face
  • EB: Katherin Heigl wants to quit smoking
  • Lossip: Gangster Garcia
  • MollyGood: Piven makes play for Von Teese
  • VH1: Rock of Love rockstar moments
  • Attuworld: Don’t send in the clowns
  • Rick Da Ruler

    Another one of my fave “dirty lil secrets” that I NEVER tire of(and I will rag on her publicly embarrassing BS just like with the rest of those nymphos usually mentioned in the same breath w/her)…Nevertheless, I still want to bang her very hot & very freckled firecrotch having, well-sampled ass mercilessly and often…And in the words of the immortal BEAVIS, “I HAVE T.P. FOR HER BUNGHOLE”…

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