New York might have a sex tape

Tiffany New York

Mediatakeout claims to have a sex tape (here and NSFW) of Tiffany Pollard, best known as New York from I Love New York. They say, managed to get its hands on an explicit tape of Tiffany “New York” Pollard and one of our readers. According to our reader, he and New York met up at a Miami club a few months ago and the two of them had a … A-HEM … romantic encounter together.

Initial reactions? Its blurry. Why am I watching this on a Monday morning? This is gross. Is this what mounting a manatee looks like? Please, no more. I can’t take it. I need a bucket to puke in. Ugh, this is worse than that other video with the girls. What was it called? The Tyra Banks Show?

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