Now I’m hungry

Another shocking claim has come from Andrew Morton, author of Tom Cruise’s unauthorized biography. Morton told the Australian news show, A Current Affair, that Nicole Kidman saved the placenta from her miscarriage to prove the baby was Tom Cruise’s.

“They did try to start a family [but] she sadly had a miscarriage,” said Morton, who has sparked a $100 million legal threat from the Church of Scientology. “And because of all the questions over the father, she ordered that some of the placenta be saved in order to prove paternity – the fact that Tom Cruise was the father.”

Every time I read about Tom Cruise and placenta, I remember that story about Tom Cruise wanting to eat Katie Holmes’ placenta. Then I think about egg whites, then I get really hungry and then I go eat scrambled eggs. No joke.

Here’s Nicole Kidman at lunch.

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