Pamela is divorcing, really

A few weeks ago, Pamela Anderson filed for divorce, but quickly withdrew her request saying she and Rick Salomon were working things out. However, yesterday, found out Pamela filed for divorce once again. If this quote given to People is any indication, this time she may be serious. Maybe.

“Oh there’s plenty,” of problems, she said en route to Las Vegas to ring in 2008. “What can you do? We’re all human. We’re all trying.”

And on her website, her description of New Years did not include Rick; a sign that it could be finally over or that she got so drunk she doesn’t even remember.

“My kids and I had a great new years in Vegas! They loved the fireworks and hot chocolate at midnight. Mommy made it home by 1:30am. Nice! Now on family vacation in the snow. We are doing great. Getting rest and planning new year.”

Of interest is the fact that she didn’t spend New Years with her kids. She opted to spend it partying at Pure and coming home at 1:30 a.m. which apparently is pretty early for her. For all she knows, her kids could have been shooting roman candles at the neighbor’s cat or rifling through her underwear drawer and using her bra as a magic carpet to reenact Aladdin.

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