Paris needs new clothes

A day after hitting on K-Fed in this silver sparkly number, Paris made her way to LAX in Las Vegas. There must have been a 2 for 1 sale on these dresses because she’s wearing the same thing, different color. She must be downsizing knowing that she won’t be inheriting much money. Do you ever see this girl with any friends?? Every pic I see, she’s always alone, striking a pose, desperately seeking attention. Even Nicole Ritchie can’t seem to stand her. Any person willing to hang with her is only looking to use her. Once the money runs out and the looks fade, where will you be Paris? Wise up. We can only laugh at you for so long.

Guest contributor: Captain Swarthy

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Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
16 years ago

Another one who can get it good, hard & plenty from me…I don’t give a s**t about all that constant media bashing crap you always hear about her…If you just bang her properly, all things will cum your way(just like w/most any other chick)…I got a soft spot for ole “Wonky Eye” alright(but it ain’t in my pants baby…