Roselyn Sanchez does the bikini thing

Roselyn Sanchez from Rush Hour and Without A Trace chilled at a Panama resort with her fiance, Eric Winters. The only thing I know about Panama is from what I’ve seen on Prison Break. There’s a big lawless prison there where everyone is trying to kill you, but there’s no mention of girls in bikinis. Granted, there is a covert “agency” that beheads hot girls and sends their heads back to you in a box. That’s pretty close to chicks in bikinis. I guess.

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Raul Sanchez
Raul Sanchez
13 years ago

I am from Panama my friend, and trust me that jail in prison break is nothing like that. In fact the jail shown at the show is not even in this country. The hotel where Roselyn is it’s called Decapolis and is located next to Punta Paitilla one of the richest areas in the city.

Timothy Carter
Timothy Carter
13 years ago

Health Ledger soiled himself when he died. It is pathetic! Let him rest in peace!

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