Spencer Prat is still a douche

Heidi Spencer

Appearing on The Hills and doing those fake photo shoots with his girlfriend Heidi Montag must have inflated Spencer Pratt’s ego. That’s the only explanation for him thinking he could ask a girl out at the premiere of Cloverfield while Heidi was posing on the red carpet completely oblivious. Oh and if you’re curious. The girl said no. She also kneed him in the balls, but that’s a given.

The two ended their engagement last month, but were spotted shopping for rings (above, with ring inset) in LA Wednesday afternoon. But that night, Pratt was already eyeing other women. Spies at the “Cloverfield” premiere saw him leave Montag’s side “to ask for another girl’s number . . . She turned him down. And Heidi” – who was busy posing for paparazzi – “was completely clueless.”

Spencer looks like an ass, but Heidi’s soulless, vacant eyes make her look spaced out 24/7. It makes her really easy to try anal with. Sadly, that’s her only redeeming quality.


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