Suri is a strong woman

At a Glamour magazine event for V-Day’s 10th anniversary, Katie Holmes praised her daughter Suri calling her a very strong woman and admits to being taught a lot by her.

“She’s a very strong woman. She’s actually teaching me a lot — probably more than I’m teaching her. She’s very smart and strong,” Holmes concluded. “And really magical.”

Who calls their baby a very strong woman? That’s weird. Picture Katie saying this to visiting friends. They’re at the dinner table while Katie goes into this whole spiel about how their daughter is a “very strong woman” and how they’ll make her wear dress suits when she’s older. Maybe give her a little briefcase for kindergarten. All the while Suri is giggling on the ground, pooping in her pants and eating a Jolly Rancher that got stuck in the carpet. The friend will take one confused look at Suri, turn to her other friend and twirl her finger around her ear to do that “this person is crazy” sign.

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