Sylvester Stallone is cool

Sly Stallone

On his show, Howard Stern asked Sly Stallone about his ex’s, Janice Dickinson, allegation that he injected her with steroids while sleeping. Sly’s reply?

“The only thing I injected her with was my fist.”

Ha! I always knew Janice Dickinson was a fan of fisting. She’s too annoying not too. What? Oh, he was actually joking about punching her? That works too, I guess. Leave it to Sly Stallone to inject humor into the serious epidemic of supermodel abuse. Come on. Who hasn’t fantasized about punching Janice Dickinson in the face or kicking her in the nuts? Amiright?

Some stills from his new flick opening today.

Rambo: First BloodRambo: First BloodRambo: First BloodRambo: First BloodRambo: First Blood

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