This makes perfect sense

What a sexy nymph Kim Cattrall is. Wearing sunglasses, moccasins and a coat over a bikini at the beach, putting trash away in a Bed, Bath & Beyond bag? Rawr? This reminds me of the time I wore a monocle and a dead raccoon hat with my striped one-piece in Baja. The ladies went gaga. And when I stroked my handlebar mustache and twirled my cane as I kicked dirt in a little child’s face? Well, there were no lonely nights during that trip.

Sex and the City must still be shooting.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

I would love to watch her expression change as I forced a corncob into her dry balloon-knot.

cornhole is a loser
cornhole is a loser
15 years ago

get a life cornhole