Tom Cruise is cheap

Nancy Cartwright, who does the voice of Bart Simpson among others, donated $10 million last year to Scientology for their Global Salvage effort which “aims to de-aberrate Earth”; code for “ridding mankind of psychological ills and other ‘aberrant’ behavior.” To put the donation in perspective, the face of Scientology, Tom Cruise, only donated $5 million in an installment plan. Page Six posted up numbers of other celebrity donations.

Nancy Cartwright, 50, Patron Laureate Award: $10 million.
Kirstie Alley, 57, Diamond Meritorious Award: $5 million.
John Travolta, 53, Gold Meritorious Award: $1 million.
Kelly Preston, 45, Gold Meritorious Award: $1 million.
Priscilla Presley, 62, Patron Award: $50,000.

Page Six estimates Nancy’s earnings at $5.5 million a year for The Simpsons. $5.5?! That Tom Cruise is a cheap bastard. L. Ron Hubbard is probably rolling in his grave. There’s no way they can battle Thetans with that little. After they squirrel away a few dollars to their off shore bank accounts for a rainy day, there will only be $10 left. You can’t even buy dinner at a nice restaurant with that.

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16 years ago

I will simply be polite and to the point since my comments tend to not make it on the list due to my tendency to berate and curse everything! As for these contributors to Scientology all I can say is a fool and his money are soon parted! Greggo