Tom Cruise is cheap

Bart Simpson

Nancy Cartwright, who does the voice of Bart Simpson among others, donated $10 million last year to Scientology for their Global Salvage effort which “aims to de-aberrate Earth”; code for “ridding mankind of psychological ills and other ‘aberrant’ behavior.” To put the donation in perspective, the face of Scientology, Tom Cruise, only donated $5 million in an installment plan. Page Six posted up numbers of other celebrity donations.

Nancy Cartwright, 50, Patron Laureate Award: $10 million.
Kirstie Alley, 57, Diamond Meritorious Award: $5 million.
John Travolta, 53, Gold Meritorious Award: $1 million.
Kelly Preston, 45, Gold Meritorious Award: $1 million.
Priscilla Presley, 62, Patron Award: $50,000.

Page Six estimates Nancy’s earnings at $5.5 million a year for The Simpsons. $5.5?! That Tom Cruise is a cheap bastard. L. Ron Hubbard is probably rolling in his grave. There’s no way they can battle Thetans with that little. After they squirrel away a few dollars to their off shore bank accounts for a rainy day, there will only be $10 left. You can’t even buy dinner at a nice restaurant with that.

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