Tracy Morgan gives a banquette dance

30 Rock cast member, Tracy Morgan, showed up at The Plumm and almost immediately lost his credit card, ripped off his shirt, started dancing on a banquette and asked a waitress if he could father her baby. Page Six says,

He thought he’d lost his credit card, and staffers were searching for it.” Morgan “finally admitted to his waitress that he’d found it in his pocket – right before asking her if he could father her baby.”

The last time I tried this, I got tasered. I think. My memory is a little hazy. All I remember is I told the bouncer, “Don’t tase me, bro!,” and chuckled to myself. Next thing I know I was convulsing on the floor with two barbs sticking out of my chest. Apparently, that ape of a doorman wasn’t up to date with his pop-culture references. Had he been, he might have found it amusing and not sent 500 volts through my body.

For some reason this guy really loves taking off his shirt.

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