Uma Thurman gets it on at the beach, rawr

Here are a few old pictures of Uma Thurman making out with a guy at the beach. Watching Uma thrust her tongue down a guy’s throat is pretty awkward. She shouldn’t be doing this kind of stuff. In public, at least. It’s sort of like watching a guy being seduced by an orangutan dressed in a black sequined dress. You can’t help but feel slightly sorry for the guy and embarrassed for the monkey. I mean, red pumps with a black dress? Come on!

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Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
16 years ago

Uma definitely has a nice-ass body for sure(although she could use some more curves here & there)…The major thing that takes away from it somewhat is the fact that she has a rather obvious schnozz that you just can’t stop looking at…It won’t keep her from getting the ole Capt. Cornhole treatment from me though…ROFL