Afternoon time wasters

Meagan Good

  • Celebslam: Luke Wilson is fat now
  • Celebitchy: Paris Hilton left fart messages for Lindsay
  • College Humor: Worst dunk ever
  • Dlisted: Elliot Mintz gets all the ladies
  • ASL: Janet Jackson’s nipple didn’t do anything
  • SOW: CBS picked up some shows. Guess if CSI was one of them
  • CS: Amy Winehouse forced to cover up
  • Celebwarship: Lily Allen is tipsy
  • Jezebel: No, it’s never too young to start masturbating
  • BWE: Pregnancy watch: Scarlett Johansson is fat
  • IDLYITW: Big Brother 9 has blowjobs, awkwardness
  • Rick Da Ruler

    Meagan “LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD”…It’s about damn time some more sexy chocolate showed up here…Let me just go ahead & break out the homemade Cool Whip dispenser in my boxers ASAP for these festivities b/c it’s all gonna be well-eaten & then banged senselessly & mercilessly by me repeatedly…BEEYOOTEEFUL…

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