Angelina Jolie is a sly one

Angelina Jolie has power over Jennifer Aniston says Us Weekly. They asked Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power, about Angelina’s decision to skip the Night Before party on Saturday which would have finally allowed the two to meet. Greene says,

“If Angelina is trying to get under Jen’s skin — push her buttons — this is a clever way to do it,” Greene adds.
“Imagine you’re in Jen’s shoes,” he says. “You’re worried about Angelina showing up. And she never does. It’s infuriating. If intentional, it’s definitely a power move.”

Maybe Angelina just wanted to go to another party. Jesus. Does everything have to be a power play in Hollywood? I constantly show up at Angelina’s house at 2 a.m. in the morning and spy on her through the window. Does that mean I’m in love with her? No. I do it because I want to have sex with her. Like, really bad.

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16 years ago

I never really felt anything for Angelina one way or the other but I swear the more the press hound this women the more I’m starting to like her and in fact admire her. It seems that everything she does is scrutinized to death. The media should really just back off and leave her alone.