Ashley Tisdale’s doll is ugly

Ashley Tisdale’s new doll was unveiled last month at a New York City toy fair. It was loaded with everything a girl could want in order to play pretend High School Musical. The only problem is this doll features Ashley’s pre-surgery honker. Not happy with only picture proof, In Touch Weekly also asked a cosmetic surgeon.

“The width of the doll’s nose and the nostrils look like her nose pre-surgery,” cosmetic surgeon Dr. Patrick Abergel, who doesn’t treat the star, told In Touch Weekly.

Asking a real doctor what they think about a plastic doll’s nose seems unnecessary. It’s like asking me, a boob connoisseur, what I think about Kelly Brook’s breasts. What are you? Gay? Just make a motorboat noise and start grinding your face in them.

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TiVo Faces
15 years ago

I’d argue that her new nose is ugly, and her doll looks proportional.

Phillip McCracken
15 years ago

girl is hot, if the doll was lifesize, id quit my job and f**k it till my ball shriveled.