Bai Ling was arrested

Bai Ling was arrested at LAX for allegedly pilfering two celebrity magazines and a pack of batteries from a terminal store. The girl with a penchant for nipple slips even blogged about her LAX trip — she has a blog?! — but left out the part where she was arrested. TMZ has the details.

Law enforcement sources tell us Ling walked into the gift shop around 4:30 PM yesterday — and walked out with the goods; total value around $16. She was placed under citizen’s arrest by a shop employee. We’re told that a “cooperative but crying” Ling was taken by Airport Police to the station, where she was booked for theft.

This girl is weird. Not crazy-weird like Britney Spears. Just. Weird. In almost every one of her pictures, she’s wearing garish clothes and manages to slip her nipple. Sometimes she even breaks into song and dance. Now she’s committing misdemeanors at airport terminals. If you ever see her dunking her head in a koi pond trying to catch fish with her teeth, don’t be alarmed. It’s perfectly normal.

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