Britney is a big spender

Once estimated to be worth $100 million by Forbes to become the 12th richest female entertainer in the world, Britney has fallen on hard times and is now worth a mere $40 million. You can’t even dine on baby pandas with that chump change. Radar Online has a summary of Britney Spears’ expenses which total a whopping $60 million a year.

  • Shopping: $192,000 a year
  • Monthly clothing budget: $16,000
  • Vacations: $1.2 million yearly
  • “The paperwork from her divorce from Kevin shows she also blows about $102,000 a month jetting off to places like Hawaii,” L&S reports.
  • Alimony: $15,000 a month
  • Doctors: $86,000 a month
  • Health insurance and other medical expenses: $1 million

A huge amount compared to my yearly expenditures.

  • Shopping: $20. Sometimes my boxers rip.
  • Vacations: $50 yearly. Taking the bus is always an adventure.
  • Doctors: $10. Duct tape works wonders.
  • Alimony: $0. Got lucky. Moved. Changed name. Can’t find me.
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Britney un-fan
13 years ago

No surprise she’s the lousy spender. She got the money easy and so did she got dirty addictions and unhealthy relationship.
Add to that pathetic parents.

13 years ago

alimony, $15k/month? Do they all go to KFed, or to the other marriage too? Maybe that’ll teach her from marrying so hastily.

13 years ago

I hope she spends all her money, until there is nothing left. :/

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