Britney is a big spender

Britney Spears

Once estimated to be worth $100 million by Forbes to become the 12th richest female entertainer in the world, Britney has fallen on hard times and is now worth a mere $40 million. You can’t even dine on baby pandas with that chump change. Radar Online has a summary of Britney Spears’ expenses which total a whopping $60 million a year.

  • Shopping: $192,000 a year
  • Monthly clothing budget: $16,000
  • Vacations: $1.2 million yearly
  • “The paperwork from her divorce from Kevin shows she also blows about $102,000 a month jetting off to places like Hawaii,” L&S reports.
  • Alimony: $15,000 a month
  • Doctors: $86,000 a month
  • Health insurance and other medical expenses: $1 million

A huge amount compared to my yearly expenditures.

  • Shopping: $20. Sometimes my boxers rip.
  • Vacations: $50 yearly. Taking the bus is always an adventure.
  • Doctors: $10. Duct tape works wonders.
  • Alimony: $0. Got lucky. Moved. Changed name. Can’t find me.
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