Brooke Hogan is in a bikini

Breaking numerous city ordinances currently known as Brooke’s Law, Brooke Hogan infiltrated a beach in a bikini to further disturb the public’s eyes. The scene, reminiscent of a Jon Waters’ movie starring a slimmed and toned Divine, is one of the many reasons I avoid the beach. Not only are the sun’s rays like poison to my fair skin, but seeing a Brooke Hogan lumbering around is enough to make me drown myself or at the very least, kick a seal.

I don’t care what Brooke says. Her breasts are fake.

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cornhole is a loser
cornhole is a loser
14 years ago

she;s not fat. just big boned

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
14 years ago

There is w/out a doubt some camel toe working in a few of those shots. In a few year, or a few more Lbs, she’s going to have a nice pair of moose knuckles slapping those hot thighs when bouncing round the beach like that.
Then after a day of beach bounching, she’ll have one hell of a case of chafed moose knuckles…

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