Edison Chen delaying his return

Edison Chen

Various reports indicate Edison Chen may not be returning to Hong Kong on Sunday. Peter Lam, head of Edison’s record label, said Edison won’t be back until sometime next week and that reports of him holding a press conference tomorrow was only media speculation.

Many want to believe rumors that Edison won’t be back because the Triads will kill him. Albert Yeung, head of EEG and uncle to Edison’s current girlfriend who’s pictures were also leaked, allegedly has ties to the gang. Others believe it’s because Edison hopes the scandal will die down or because Kira may release more pictures and video once he returns.

Cecilia Cheung, who also had pictures leaked, is not splitting from her husband and has even quietly returned to work filming a makeup commercial.

Meanwhile, the public has called Gillian’s public statement about the pictures childish and want to make her transition back to the entertainment industry as rough as possible.

All this leads me to believe Hong Kong is backwards. Triads putting a hit out on a guy because of sex pictures? I could understand if some guy forced them to watch 2Girls1Cup, but an uproar over blowjobs? The only outcry that should be going on is one to make waxing kits, razors or, in this case, weed whackers more easily accessible for women.

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