Edison Chen delaying his return

Edison Chen

Various reports indicate Edison Chen may not be returning to Hong Kong on Sunday. Peter Lam, head of Edison’s record label, said Edison won’t be back until sometime next week and that reports of him holding a press conference tomorrow was only media speculation.

Many want to believe rumors that Edison won’t be back because the Triads will kill him. Albert Yeung, head of EEG and uncle to Edison’s current girlfriend who’s pictures were also leaked, allegedly has ties to the gang. Others believe it’s because Edison hopes the scandal will die down or because Kira may release more pictures and video once he returns.

Cecilia Cheung, who also had pictures leaked, is not splitting from her husband and has even quietly returned to work filming a makeup commercial.

Meanwhile, the public has called Gillian’s public statement about the pictures childish and want to make her transition back to the entertainment industry as rough as possible.

All this leads me to believe Hong Kong is backwards. Triads putting a hit out on a guy because of sex pictures? I could understand if some guy forced them to watch 2Girls1Cup, but an uproar over blowjobs? The only outcry that should be going on is one to make waxing kits, razors or, in this case, weed whackers more easily accessible for women.

  • michael

    2girls1cup hahahaha




    CRAVING CRAVING~~~~~~~~~


  • shit edison

    just come back to face da truth

    all fans will support you

    or you hate the cantofilm industry already???

  • STDCenter


    We need you to come back. We need to do a medical check up on you to see if you have herpes, ghonerria, all these STD. You will also need to fill in a form for us so we can do some preparation for the STD edipemic that you may have caused.

    Number of movie stars you did with filming:
    Number of movie starts you did who refuse filming:
    Number of fans you did using your fame:

    We need this info ASAP so we know we have enough medicine to treate all these infected people.


  • Kira Yeung

    Albert should STFU and go back to get BJ from Joey.

  • notoriousPIG

    gillian, cecilia, and bobo…. king kong just called and he wants his hair back !! nicholas tse, did you know that everytime you kissed cecilia, you were kissing edison?

    your’s truly,


  • FCUK

    The mob should exercise more business sense, what can they gain from whacking Edison. They should sell the video and make $ instead.

  • ken mok

    ‘Record Boss: Edison Chen Not Back In Hong Kong Sunday’

  • vincy bj

    although we have not seen more evidence than BJ’s, it seems that bobo, cecilia, gillian and the other ho’s already WHACKED edison off. so they BEAT albert yeung to the punch.

    i heard that cecilia’s new makeup is for a cream for the face.

    c’mon kira, where’s the rest

  • think how bad he is deeply betrayed

    his wife is f u xx by his best secondary mate!

    sad nic

    cecelia is such hore!!!

  • awfultiger

    i think Kira is learning how to suck cock with all his video and pics collections, he is just a pu$$y cocksucker

  • awfultiger

    money talk blow shit walk, Kira like to lick my feet a lot.Fuck Kira, Pu$$y



    This letter is to certify the EDISON IS TRULY A PIMP AND THE GIRLS ARE TRULY WHORES.

  • I suspect the HK entertainment industry is going to make it impossible for Edison to return, man talk about messing up your whole set up wif a sex tapes etc…

    Paris Hilton does it and her exposure goes through the roof …Edison does it and he gets death threats lol

  • AK

    “weed whackers” lol! good shiet good shiet

  • tom

    edison should just leave… he got enough $$$$ already..

  • notsofastsherlock

    Nothing to do with HK being backwards. You just forget your own country’s behaviour. No, triads wouldn’t put out a hit on a guy because of sex pictures, but because of money. And just like the mafia they do not like people messing with their family “honor”. People have been chopped in HK, or had the crap beaten out of them, for a lot less. One star was forced to drink disinfectant for messing with someone else’s woman. Even without the triads, right now I think a few people may well be queuing up for Edison’s return.

  • E&G AV Fans

    To blemish,

    Hong Kong is not backwards but full of despicable people who enjoy other people’s misery. Anyway triads or gangsters are made out of a few bunch of uneducated people who always act irrationally and emotionally. Simply because they ain’t smart people…they are gangsters.

    Triads putting a hit out on a guy NOT because of sex pictures, but a guy who have affairs with other people girlfriends and wife who have ties with notorious gangsters…

    Need i say more who gave the orders?

  • notsofast sherlock

    I expect the guy who FILMED Paris got threats.

  • Hmm

    I thought the Press Conference is canceled because Edison can’t get a venue. Originally, the Press Conference were to held at AIG Tower in Central, but AIG Tower decline their booking for the venue for “security reasons”.

    (in Chinese; Apple Daily)

  • Kira

    You dont understand how hk people cares about respect.3O years ago Den li Guang kill a Triads Boss,but someone took the death penalty instead.Because of Respect.Edison Will Pay,the day he comes back.The day the video will end the Death……..god prophercy

  • EdisonGetLost


    Just get the ass out of the industry…your dad had enough $ to spoil you, he may as well look after you for the rest of yoru life after what you had done.

    Lots of fun for sure in the old days. Now is pay back time. Hopefully you don’t need to use any cocktail drugs in the future.

    U have seen enough pussy and now everyone won’t give up until they see your dick cut off to compensate what you have done.

  • Lorraine in San Gabriel

    do you have the username and password?

  • Joyvan

    Folks in HK are all about face. They would cut off their own dick to “save” face. That Albert dude is not gonna let this slide.

    On the flip side, what is the big deal? People in HK are so anal and fake. I find it amusing how everyone pretends to not have a sex life.

  • ben

    y’all watch one too many HK films

    “omg triads are after edison”

    PLEASe… HK has like no crime…nothing serious anyways. Worse crime you see eveyrday is a crackdown on selling pirated porn.

    HK Cops spent more time and energy on these leaked pictures than the LAPD spend on murders, because HK is that safe… cops aint got nothing to do.

    Triads killing people… yeah like once every 10 years. Quite frankly it’s easier to get hit by a car in HK Than be killed by a triad

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