Edison Chen has a lot of pictures

Gillian Chung

News sites are reporting Edison Chen, now infamous for his leaked photos of naked Hong Kong celebs, also keeps video and photos of regular women like wives of rich Hong Kong businessmen and daughters of rich families. Rumor has it that he once won a bet from a director who didn’t believe he had hundreds of nude photos of starlets.

How he convinced these women to do whatever he wanted has also come to light. As you may have noticed, women like shiny things. That’s why he gave them presents like Cartier bracelets, limited edition gifts and sweet talk (the only non-shiny thing) lulling them into the false sense that they were special. After that, the girls were like putty. Kind of like they are when they discover my animal magnetism, wit and hunting knife.

On the other side of the fence, Gillian Chung isn’t enjoying Paris Hilton-like success and may be let go from her record label EEG. People have been asking for a ban on her products and if this continues, she may be gone.

And that, my friends, is how both my record label and Brazilian waxing kit came to be.

  • mao

    Gillian is talentless anyway. Horrible singer, dancer, and actress. In fact, most HK “celebs” are just crap. They’re only popular because of the small market. In a market like that, my dog that shits heart shaped crap would be famous and known as a great singer.

    Out of all the “victims” in this case, I feel the least sorry for Gillian. I really can’t stand her dirty two shoes act. At least even Cecilia wasn’t a fake whore to her degree.

    • diehard_fan

      woa is that true we ask in Malaysia but who cares. edison should be voted the sexiest man alive and should be given another chance. but how come so careless ah? if you had stick out with maggie_q you should have at least learn to Encrypt your hard drive. we support you edison!

  • Gillian is still on TV few times after, although there are more than 2000 compliants abt it….

  • notoriousPIG


    it’s ok…you’re always welcome at my house.


  • Jenny

    I agree with the HK market being small. If you watch those singer awards, everyone and their uncles gets an award, even the newbies who just came out. Gillian, Cecilia cannot act for shit. If it wasn’t for their pretty little faces they wouldn’t be a starlet. If my pornography pics were spilled on the web, I crawl into a hole myself. But Gill’s got balls to have an interview stating how naive she was. Well, there goes their career down the tubes.

  • mooj

    I think BoBo is the most cute girl among those who have had sex with Damned Edison. She’s adorable.

  • Damn!!!!

    Damn lol, this poster and his damn waxing kits. Can’t you accept them for being natural?? I mean, eventually, everyone stops shaving. Ask your mom if she shaves. Waxing kits. Damn homie, stop with the waxing kits

  • lin

    whatever she is beautiful so pretty that everytime i saw her pic i can not help my erotic thought with her.

  • GIL hater

    please gillian.. i dont want to see ur ugly slutty face

  • King is out. Edison said he will quit movie business and asked for forgiveness…he will start doing CHARITY WORK from then on….

    That “charity work” sounds fishy… I don’t know if I run a charity, I want him to get close to any of my female employees or teenage girls. What if he participated in some coaching activities and end up screwing around again?

  • Faith

    Let’s see you guys on Hong Kong shows, I’m sure most of you will be in your pants facing thousands of audiences.

  • awfultiger

    Her name is not BoBo, AKA “WhoreWhore”

  • meng

    latest update, edison is back to HK now, he admitted in a press conference that all pictures were taken by him and he will quit the ent biz forever!!!

  • Hmm

    I thought the headline from Sunday or whatever magazine today states “Juno (gil’s boyfriend) pays EEG $100MIL HKD to get her out of her contract; Gillian to retired and marry into the rich family end of this year”

    I make an effort to glance over all the headlines of all the magazines when I pass 7-11 in the morning. :p

    One of the headline in the subway states “Sex Scandal star Edison Returned to HK this morning” (this one from the official subway news, so it must be real. :p

  • Lucy

    Thanks sooooooo much for your updates! I really appreciate it! This is the only website that I visit for updates considering there is so much rumors going on.

  • Theres a campaign to protect edison on my blog… lets hope he doesn’t die

  • Theres a campaign on my blog to protect edison, check it out if u have time :0

  • Hmm

    Edison just gave his press conference a few hours ago (just saw it on the news) it’s even lamer than Gilian’s… It says 3 things basically:

    1) He did take most of those pictures himself
    2) He apologized for all the trouble he costed the girls, their family, etc.
    3) He will be leaving the industry after he finished the work on hand

    I’m sure there will be a youtube version out soon (he made his statement in english).

  • 467

    If she wants to stop people referring to her as Black Gill, perhaps she can undergo the same treatment Michael Jackson went through to make himself a white man. An alabaster white front bum might do her career some good. Certainly couldn’t hurt.

  • EEG

    I think he will still be back in this industry… maybe as a pornostar…

    Gillian, you are a damn faker pretender. go and be an AV star.

    anyway all of them deserve what they did. everyone on earth shouldn’t be pity on anyone of them.

    hope they all have HIV/AIDS check to confirm they are “clean”.

    well, this is entertainment business, just that all these people is unfortunate. other hk-stars you might be surpirse later!!!

  • No

    Why eveyone is saying he is leaving the HK entertainment industry forever! He said ‘indefinitely’, that means for a while only until this scandal blown over!
    And Edison will continue to monkey dance in China and Hollywood etc where there is a bigger market! His lawyers and management company has it all planned out for him already!

  • Gill

    Of course Gill got balls, the sort of things ive heard she has to do for her boss is literally ‘hard to swallow’, lol
    For sure this is not the bravest thing she has to do!

  • go

    She can leave the Hk entertainment industry like Edison.

  • what?

    No thank you!

  • why

    I do not understand why there were 20 policemen, all holding hands in a circle protectin Edison to leave the conference venue in a car? What a waste of manpower!
    Did you guys see his face when he was getting into the car? He actually seems chuffed! He must think he is sooo important now!

  • gyt

    Don’t worry, he has bodyguards! No one is going to join your campaign, are you crazy?

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