Edison Chen has a lot of pictures

Gillian Chung

News sites are reporting Edison Chen, now infamous for his leaked photos of naked Hong Kong celebs, also keeps video and photos of regular women like wives of rich Hong Kong businessmen and daughters of rich families. Rumor has it that he once won a bet from a director who didn’t believe he had hundreds of nude photos of starlets.

How he convinced these women to do whatever he wanted has also come to light. As you may have noticed, women like shiny things. That’s why he gave them presents like Cartier bracelets, limited edition gifts and sweet talk (the only non-shiny thing) lulling them into the false sense that they were special. After that, the girls were like putty. Kind of like they are when they discover my animal magnetism, wit and hunting knife.

On the other side of the fence, Gillian Chung isn’t enjoying Paris Hilton-like success and may be let go from her record label EEG. People have been asking for a ban on her products and if this continues, she may be gone.

And that, my friends, is how both my record label and Brazilian waxing kit came to be.

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