Edison Chen is going to die

Edison Chen

Edison Chen has yet to set foot in Hong Kong. Reports are coming in that this is because the Canadian raised celebrity is currently proposing a deal with police via his lawyers for “24-hour police protection, a safe house and a guarantee of his status as a witness.” Police are open to giving him protection, but are hesitant to grant him his other demands.

Hong Kong must take their celebrities seriously because netizens have been threatening him ever since the scandal started. His other demands come from fears of being turned into a suspect after the police investigate further. Additionally, the news says his pink cotton candy mac may be the key to solving this case.

Whoa. Wait. Pink laptop? You mean in Hong Kong I can walk around with a fruity laptop and not be insulted and mercilessly beat up? And it won’t lower my chances of banging a lot of celebs? Holy crap. *Looks at fuchsia laptop* Score!

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