Edison Chen quits the entertainment industry

Edison Chen finally made his way to Hong Kong for a much anticipated press conference. There he confirmed the authenticity of the leaked sex photos and apologized for the media chaos it caused. In a surprising move, he also promised to quit the Hong Kong entertainment industry indefinitely. Note that he only specified Hong Kong.

“Most importantly, I would like to say sorry to all the people in Hong Kong. I give my apologies sincerely to you all, unreservedly and with my heart,” he said.

He added: “I know young people in Hong Kong look up to many figures in our society. And, in this regard, I failed as a role model.”

“During my time away, I’ve made an important decision. I will wholeheartedly fulfill all commitments that I have to date. But, after that, I’ve decided to step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry. I’ve decided to do this to give myself an opportunity to heal myself and to search my soul,” he said.

“I will be away from Hong Kong entertainment indefinitely.”

I wish this would happen in America. Like, when Paris Hilton released her sex tape, she would be shamed into hiding, eventually make a big statement about quitting showbiz, everyone would cheer and life would be good. But, no. Blowing that dude only magnified her fame. This is why I suggest we ship Paris over to Hong Kong and not poke air holes through her box.

I like how in the video you can hear the sound of a million flashes go off. Not only did this happen, but the police also raided Edison Chen’s house and confiscated all his computer equipment.

Edison Chen to retire from business [Variety]
Edison Chen: I Took Photos, I’m Sorry, I Quit Showbiz [Batgwa]

  • mark

    You know what? This allows him to make a go in Hollywood. He’s got name recognition now and an agent that’s been able to get him roles in two high profile films now. Here in the US we could really give a shit about his pictures, most of us don’t even know who the women are, nor do we care.

    I would like to point out that he specified HK, not that he’s retiring or anything.

  • iuiui

    Yes so right! He only means HK! He wont be so ‘sadden’ as to leave entertainment industry all together, he doesnt know how to do anything else! All he has is a pretty face!! Oh! and a camera! lol

  • YM

    It was a lame show, both of EDC, his lawyers and the HK Police.

    I’ve never seen a single person being surrounded by so many police in HK… not even the famous gangster Ip Kai-fung who robbed 5 jewelery shops in a roll with AK47’s in HK.

    EDC’s lawyers issued a statement asserting that the copyright ownership of the photos belongs to EDC.

    Hey man, could you claim copyright ownership of all the photos in the National Geographic’s website? Of course not, because the website carries copyright statement already. Did EDC post any copyright ownership statements prior to this lame show? All we had read was the statement from EEG that those photos were faked. Would that put EEG under legal argument with EDC on the authenticity of the photos?

    A finer point of copyright ownership of DIGITAL images — how could you prove that?

    Unlike traditional photography, you don’t have the original cellulose negative as a proof.

    As a photographer, the only way to prove his (creative) ownership is for EDC to release all the photos while other posters could not have all the photos to show.

    Maybe his copyright claims are mixed up with the fact that he himself was the guy in some of the photos. That fact alone would only enable his claims to the rights of using his looks.

    Some of the photos did not include EDC. Some of them only showed a male genital in a semi-agitated state, under active manipulation by a girl. Some of them only showed female nudity. To prove his ownership to the looks, should EDC display his male member?

    Doesn’t the federal law require adult movie models to sign all the necessary consents (of transferring the copyright claims) and to furnish ID proof before their explicit acts are being filmed? Should EDC show us the written consents of those girls before he could claim copyright ownership of those photos?

    So should we assume that EDC’s copyright claims are only restricted to those that showed his face, and not all the others?

  • Jack

    I think what he meant was he’s gonna stop acting and singing. But remember, he is the CEO of CLOT, and CLOT has an entertainment division, he can still make money being a boss. Or maybe CLOT will do charity, he said he will do charity, didn’t he? Hey, Paris Hilton said she was gonna do charity too, what happened to that?

  • Gillian is a Hoe

    If I was EDC, I would haved fucked all those girls, that’s what most guys would do, at least those who can still fuck! So WTF is this EDC bashing. He took the pics for his own self enjoyment and the pussies obliged, even though EDC had quite a reputation. This saga has exposed hypocrites like Gillian Chung, who was a cock sucking slut when she preached chastity. At least EDC never hid his playboy image! And thanks to EDC, we get to see Ceilia Cheung spread eagle and Gillian sucking cock!

  • fang

    i still don’t buy his dressed down look and uncombed hairdo. he tried too hard to look like an innocent schoolboy.

    he looked stressed and scared more than sorry. well, at least he made it to the press conference to apologize. that’s what he should have done all along. no one realy care who he banged. just don’t lie to the public, we are smarter than you think edc! the truth will set you free.

  • addy

    He said he will be quiting the HONG KONG Showbiz Industry, not SHOWBIZ entirely.

    So maybe he’ll rear his ugly head again in US Showbiz, where he can surely use his new found “fame” because of his infamous sex pics from HK, ala Paris Hilton.

    This is actually a good career choice by Edison Screwball. Just move to US where people actually idolize you for doing something stupid like having a sex tape.

    No offense to Americans. I’m just saying that showbiz there is different here in Asia. It’s like, it doesn’t matter how you became famous… all that matters is you’re famous. Or infamous. Just real talk.

    Just look at this guy. He’ll go to the US, where he already got these stints in movies like The Grudge and The Dark Knight. And then he comes off this big scandal from HK… people over there, specially the talk shows, would be really interested how he got to FUCK this so many famous women. Instant media mileage for our boy Edison! ;))

  • Kowloon

    I am sorry that I got to sleep with all those girls and you people didn’t.

    I am sorry these girls wanted to give me a head while most girls wouldn’t.

    I am sorry that you guys think my dick is small but would I care if I got to sleep with all these girls?…Sorry I don’t.

    and finally, I am sorry that you people won’t be able to see ALL the pictures and videos that I have before someone received the money.

    Now, I am going to do some charity works and try to pick up some non celebrity but rich girls.

    Thank you.


    RULES NUMBER THREE GOOD LOOKS GET ALL GIRLS can do that kowloon man coz

  • dfssdg

    quit yer job first then talk shit like you did. He said he was sorry, y you tryin to kill him? How much is enough for you to accept his apology??? Most of all, he doesnt owe an apology. hahaha

  • dfssdg

    I wonder how you would dress and feel when you’re on his place? He doesnt owe you an appolgy, get over with it. you so pathetic..trying to watch and report every min of his action…haha hilarious man~ wish you have better things to do in the future!

  • k1

    he never lied to the public idiot.

  • kani

    i never like/dislike edison, but after this incident I am actually a fan of him now because I totally support him, i don’t think he did anything wrong through MY FEMALE PERSPECTIVES.

    The females in this scandal are trying to blame everything on Edison, especially Gillian. Charlene said *according to newspaper* “Gil really liked Edison and would do anything he wants to make him happy” Even if Edison wanted, the one to make the final decision is on her. Gil’s 25?27? i think shes old enough to know what she can, want & should do, especially with her high status in HK.

    I feel sorry for Nicholas Tse and the baby. I feel sorry for Charlene for having a partner thats bringing her down. I definietly feel sorry for Bobo Chan, i hope she will be able to recover soon.

    As for Edison Chen, I hope everything works well for him and wish him the best of luck and everything will be going back on track. I do like his ads and commercials. And I am supporting his company CLOT.

    Sorry for my long comment, just a little something i’m thinking about. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.

  • retards in the world

    People in Hong Kong are just plain stupid. Seriously, whatever the hell he wants to do after work is his thing. They are only human, and whoever actually believed that they are all virgins are even more pathetic. I don’t know why these morons are protesting against the artists and trying to protect the guy that hacked edison’s computer. That tiny little island is the Asian version of Shirley Phelps-Roper’s CULT i mean church.

  • eli

    I totally agree about the girls. Beside they were all over 21 they are legal to drink and smoke and have babies. People need to chill because they are pointing fingers at the wrong person. I don’t even see the necessity for Edison to quit. even thought i think he was a bad actor and singer. Either way we see it, it will be a lot harder now for the girls to get married to a nice family. Most in-laws will not want to accept a daughter-in-law that’s not pure in their standard. The one person i feel the most for is Bobo, she was about to be happily married. The person that leaked the photos out i hope he gets what he deserves and hope that he will not drop the soap in jail.

  • blablabla

    why not u become the lawyer?

  • edi’s son

    don’t hate the playa hate the game…

    that’s how we roll
    should have said, ‘yeah i busted a nut on those beeyotches’

    word up eddie

  • notoriousPIG


    i forgive you and you’ll always have a special place in my heart…. but let me finish uploading these pics
    tee hee hee (with hand over mouth).

    your’s truly,

    KIRA- I will rise again!

  • m

    Wow, guess you are not Chinese and have not read all the news regarding this case or the older news, statement and interview of all the female actresses who involved in this case. Couple of them (besides BoBo)have had denied have any relationship with Edison for the past 6 years and worst of all, couple of them were cheating on their boyfriends at the time with Edison. Not all HK people are stupid but maybe be those who don’t fully understand Chinese and try to act they know it all.

  • Anon

    Wow… I don’t know how much BS I can take…
    It was totally insincere and clearly written by his lawyers. He didn’t even had the heart to memorize it!
    Also, he takes a lot of ‘opportunities’ to say stuff in his speech. I think it’s kinda redundant, we are already giving him the opp to talk and he doesn’t need to take morer opportunity to do anything, just TALK. His writers need some speech giving lessons.

  • charlie not chan

    I gotta admit, in the beginning I guess I was like everyone else, mostly getting a good laugh and amused by his problems/nightmare, but as of now I’m actually kinda sick of it – perhaps it’s getting played out, but more because it’s gone too far. To hear that people want him killed or have his hand chopped off is just too much punishment to fit the crime. If any punishment is to be dished out, I believe it has already been served. If you compare what his life was like before the incident and what it has become, I think you would get some perspective. Leave the man be – he is in enough trouble to last a lifetime.

  • mooj

    anyway, i like BoBo very much. I did not know her before.

  • mag

    Even more proof that he wants to go to Hollywood – all of his apologies have been in ENGLISH. What a joke, I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was staged so that he could get recognition in the States. This piece of trash doesn’t care about being an “idol” for Hong Kong.

  • Hollywoodwatcher

    Yeah, because Asian guys do SO well in Hollywood.

    If you’re not Jackie Chan or a kung fu star, your main job is to be the first person to get killed in horror flicks.

    In HK Chow Yun-fat was making more than 10 movies a year. In Hollywood he’s made hardly any, and MOST have been shit. Often low budget second-tier shit too.

  • Hollywoodwatcher

    Many people have said he showed his pictures around, sometimes on mobile phone. That’s sleazy. Keeping pics of your friend’s wife’s pussy on your computer after they are married is sleazy too. Hope your girlfriend, if you ever get one, has dated people who are exactly the same. You should get an interesting surprise one day

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