Eva Mendes checked into rehab

Eva Mendes, star of Ghost Rider and the recently released, Live!, has checked into the Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah. You may remember the Cirque Lodge from Lindsay’s long stay there. TMZ reports Eva has already been there for several weeks. Her rep said,

“Eva has been working hard for the past year and made a positive decision to take some much-needed time off to proactively attend to some personal issues that, while not critical, she felt deserved some outside professional support. Out of respect for Eva’s privacy, we do not wish to discuss further details.”

I hope the substance she’s abusing is dick. That way, my plan to seduce Eva Mendes won’t fail miserably like my friends said it will. I was going to show up at her house with 200 condoms and when she opened her door I was going to drop my pants and say, “Let’s roll, baby!” Although, I don’t see how it could fail. It seems amazingly seductive to me.

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