Hannah Montanna is #1

Four films opened over Super Bowl weekend. One of them managed to make $29 million. It wasn’t Jessica Alba’s The Eye (no. 2), it wasn’t Eva Longoria’s Over Her Dead Body (no. 11) and it wasn’t Strange Wilderness (no. 13). No, it was Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour. To put that into perspective, Rambo last weekend made around $18 million and the heavily advertised Cloverfield the weekend before made $40 million. This 3-D concert is currently rated 3/10 on IMDB. There is no plot synopsis and the featured review titled, “Best concert movie ever!,” was written by a 15-year-old male.

Why anyone, especially a young male, would watch this madness much less dance to it in the theater (which the reviewer did) is beyond me. If I had a daughter who begged me to take her to this, I’d laugh in her face, tell her in no uncertain terms to “get real” and shove her away because she’d probably have been blocking my view of the Super Bowl. Best dad ever? Yes, best dad ever.

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14 years ago

Saw the movie over the weekend and it was really cool. I wish ii could of been at the show :o(… oh for any hannah montana fans looking i found the site where she got her shirt.

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