I drink your milkshake and time wasters

Blood coupon

  • /Film: Paramount is awesome because they gave Peter Sciretta of /Film a There Will Be Blood themed coupon for a free milkshake at Cold Stone. Dammit, where’s my milkshake? I want to drink it up.
  • Bastardly: Kristanna Loken. So, she’s a lesbian, right?
  • Drunken Stepfather: Britney Spears is out which means she no longer has to cross her legs
  • CityRag: Playboy girls at Mardi Gras
  • Bossip: Vida Guerra’s got ass
  • FHM: Troy is… wait, that’s a girl’s name?
  • Celebslam: I’m pretty sure Kelly Rowland had breast implants
  • Celebitchy: Cirque Lodge denies Kirsten Dunst is staying there
  • Dlisted: Cher dated Tom Cruise back in the 80’s
  • ASL: Pete Wentz and Ashley Simpson no longer remember their natural hair color
  • College Humor: Learn how to ride a bike, idiot.
  • NinjaDude: Eva Longoria eats
  • SOW: Corey Haim is sad
  • CS: Lindsay changes hair again
  • TC: Victoria Beckham isn’t nice
  • IDLYITW: Project Runway had another fashion show
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