I probably shouldn’t gamble with the Oscars

If you missed the Oscars, then I’ve taken the liberty of informing you of the winners. To make this more interesting, I’ve totaled how much I won or loss based on a bet of $2,000 for each category, my choices and these odds.

For those anxious to know how I did. Well, I lost $2,023. Note that I would never bet $2,000 in each category. I just used that number because I didn’t think to state my bets in the last post. Had I done so I probably would have lost more. I suck at betting. One time I bet my friends Chyna was a girl. Technically I should have won. Her clitoris only looks like a penis.

  • Actor in a leading role: Daniel Day-Lewis (-1600)
    Correct: $125
  • Actor in a supporting role: Javier Bardem (-1300)
    Correct: $154
  • Actress in a leading role: Marion Cotillard (+120)
    Wrong: -$2000
  • Actress in a supporting role: Tilda Swinton (+400)
    Wrong: $-2000
  • Animated feature film: Ratatouille
    No bet: $0
  • Art direction: Sweeney Todd (-210)
    Correct: $952
  • Cinematography: There Will Be Blood
    No bet: $0
  • Costume deisgn: Elizabeth: The Golden Age
    No bet: $0
  • Directing: No Country for Old Men (+400)
    Wrong: -$2000
  • Documentary feature: Taxi to the Dark Side
    No bet: $0
  • Documentary short: Freeheld
    No bet: $0
  • Film editing: The Bourne Ultimatum
    No bet: $0
  • Foreign language film: The Counterfeiters (-165)
    Wrong: -$2000
  • Makeup: La Vie En Rose
    No bet: $0
  • Music (score): Atonement
    No bet: $0
  • Music (song): Once
    No bet: $0
  • Best picture: No Country for Old Men (-285)
    Correct: $702
  • Short film (animated): Peter & the Wolf (-125)
    Correct: $1600
  • Short film (live action): The Mozart of Pickpockets
    No bet: $0
  • Sound editing: The Bourne Ultimatum
    No bet: $0
  • Sound mixing: The Bourne Ultimatum
    No bet: $0
  • Visual effects: The Golden Compass
    No bet: $0
  • Writing (adapted screenplay): No Country for Old Men (-450)
    Correct: $444
  • Writing (original screenplay): Juno
    No bet: $0
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