Jamie Lynn Spears plans to run away from home

Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn, who looks 30, wants to move out of her mom’s place in Kentwood, La., and into her dad’s place in L.A. reports the Enquirer [via MSNBC]. Jamie wants to move closer to future film projects for after she gives birth. Not only that, she feels her mother’s place is stifling. However, her mother, Lynne, is afraid that Jamie will succumb to the pressures of the L.A. lifestyle and start smoking and drinking during her pregnancy.

Lynne also worries that once her little girl’s in Los Angeles, she’ll fall under another negative influence – Lynne’s older daughter Britney! “Jamie Lynn knows Britney smoked and drank during her pregnancy – and because Britney’s boys turned out fine, Jamie Lynn thinks her baby will be fine too,” the source confided.

Jesus, is there anyone in the Spears lineage that isn’t retarded? The only way Jamie Lynn is going to be the star of a feature film is if she moves to the Valley. I’m not sure how much porn pays, but I imagine it has to be a lot in order for Jamie to take care of her deformed kids. Look, just because neither of Britney’s bundles of joy have a third eye or a conjoined twin on their shoulder like Andy Garcia, doesn’t mean they turned out fine. Give them a few more years. When they start licking each other’s diapers or biting their classmates’ faces, Jamie will probably see why nourishing a fetus with mostly nicotine and alcohol might not be a good idea.

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