Jessica Alba wants her kids to speak only Spanish

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba tells Latina Magazine she plans to speak only Spanish to her baby because she always regretted not learning it from her grandparents as a child and eventually they’ll learn English at school anyway. The problem is Jessica doesn’t know how to speak Spanish. A conundrum indeed. Alba’s father never spoke Spanish to her and her brother because he wanted them to become model Americans.

“I wish to God that my dad spoke Spanish to my brother and me, but he didn’t grow up with it.”

“Hopefully I can pick it up because I want my kids to speak Spanish. I don’t even want them to speak English for maybe the first two to three years, until pre-school.

“We’re in the United States so they’re going to learn it anyway.”

If this kid is growing up in SoCal, it’ll be impossible for it to not pick up Spanish or learn it in school. I’m not even originally from SoCal, yet they made me take Spanish for 7 years. Which, in retrospect, is pretty cool since now I can call Jessica’s boyfriend, Cash Warren, a pinche cabron while smiling and they’ll think I’m telling them how beautiful their baby will be.

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