Jessica Simpson makes fat people cry

At a low point in her career in 2005, Jessica Simpson agreed to star in a workout tape by Speedfit. Even though million dollar contracts were signed, Jessica changed her mind and is attempting to halt its release by not giving final approval. As a result Alex Astilean, owner of Speedfit, is suing Jessica Simpson and her dad, Joe Simpson.

Speedfit owner Alex Astilean sued Simpson last year for $10 million – and since she’s refused to settle, Astilean’s now suing her manager dad, Joe, as well. Astilean said, “They are hurting millions of fat people in America.” Simpson’s rep said, “It’s a legal matter that’s in the hands of attorneys.”

Jessica Simpson should follow through, but let’s be realistic. The only thing hurting millions of fat people right now is the fact that cellphones are getting smaller and smaller. Until 14 digit phone numbers are invented or take-out places start to read minds, I’d think fat people would be more concerned about that than the non-release of a Jessica Simpson fitness video.

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