Karolina Kurkova is lonely

Some may think Karolina Kurkova has it all. Beauty, fame, riches. However, one thing she doesn’t have, is a man. That’s right, Karolina will spend this Valentine’s day single. Instead of bubble baths for two and horse rides along the beach, she’ll have to settle for naked pillow fights with the rest of her mate-less Victoria’s Secret sisters. So, why is it so hard for Karolina to find a man anyway you ask? This is why.

“Guys are intimidated by me because I’m loud and I’m tall,” the supermodel told us. “And I’m not afraid to talk about things. So they’re like, ‘Uh, I don’t think so.'”

“I’m waiting for a guy to take me to do something super-crazy that I’d never expect, like bungee jumping,” Kurkova added. “Dinner is nice, but everyone does that. I’d really like something unexpected.”

Unexpected? Super-crazy? Easy. Two simple words. Cock slap. Preferably in the middle of a candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant. I’m a romantic.

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Britney un-fan
13 years ago

I think she’s crazy and over-confident.
There’s no dearth of confident men who are open to listen to their woman.

“Open the doors of your senses and you’ll find loads of good men around you”

13 years ago

I agree with her. I am a good looking 32 yr old who is VERY independent, self-sufficient and outgoing – and it is VERY hard to get a date. Guys will stare at you and make lewd comments, but never actually have the balls to approach and talk. My mom’s boss (who’s a 39 yr old male) dubs me a “man eater” and he is intimidated by me just by the way I carry myself.

Britney un-fan – where are these confident men you speak of? Know of any in Minnesota? :)

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