Update: Kat Von D hates Jewish people

Kat Von D

All that ink must have gone to Kat’s head. Kat Von D, a reality show star on The Learning Channel (TLC) and tattoo artist in LA, recently left her former boss with a lovely parting gift. Ami, owner of Miami ink, received a personalized headshot of Kat reading “Burn in hell Jewbag” complete with a swastika signature. According to TMZ,

“No one witnessed Kat write the message, but Chris Garver, another tattoo artist on “Miami Ink,” tells TMZ Kat personally handed him the photo.”

TLC tried to cover it up to protect their new star, until Ami brought in the lawyers. At that point, TLC “went to a handwriting analyst who concluded “there is a 99% probability that Kat Von D” wrote the message. In early July 2007, Avi’s lawyer went to TLC with the analysis. They simply sent him a letter back that acknowledged receiving the results and said, “We trust that this information will be kept strictly confidential.”

TMZ continues:

“Kat’s personal publicist issued this statement: “The recent accusation of a publicity photo of me with offensive and anti-semitic comments and graphics allegedly written by me is completely false and unfounded, and clearly a forgery. This was already proven many months ago to be 100 percent untrue. I always have been, and will continue to be an advocate for tolerance of all races, religions and ways of life.”

Hmph. Notice she didn’t deny handing the photo to anyone at Miami Ink. Right, and I’m not saying you’re fat, but certainly you’re not going to have MORE drumsticks are you? I’m surprised she didn’t say “don’t kill the messenger” or “don’t hate the player, hate the game”.

Kat should get together with Dog Chapman and star in a buddy movie. You know, Dog has one day until he retires. Suddenly, he gets murdered and Kat vows to avenge his death. Mel Gibson will direct and Kramer aka Michael Richardson will star as comedic relief.

The irony is that the hated “Jewbags” will fund the movie because they own Hollywood.*

*Sarcasm people! They don’t own Hollywood… yet.

Guest contributor: Captain Swarthy

Update: Kat Von D says she’s disgusted and calls the photo a forgery. It was copied using an autographed 8×10 she sent to someone. Full response under the cut.

I cannot begin to tell you how disgusted and disappointed i am with the recent rumors that started circulating around town, all of which are COMPLETELY FALSE.

Against the advice of my publicist, agent, and others, I have decided to be completely open and honest about the following, because you guys deserve that:

For quite some time, on my personal website, I had a section for “Autograph Requests”. At any time, ANYONE could go on there, type in their name and mailing address, and my assistant and I would send you an 8×10 photograph of me signed, free of charge.
Honestly, we started getting an average about 2,000 per day, and couldn’t keep up, so we took that option down. Now, when people send us gifts to the shop, fan art, or write us from jail, we send out an autographed 8×10, usually personalized as a gesture of thanks and appreciation. Anyone, could get their hands on one of these 8x10s.

Unfortunately, one of these 8×10’s got in the hands of an evil, insecure, and spiteful person, who thought it would be a good idea to FORGE this kind of trash.

For those of you that HAVE received signed 8×10’s from me in the past, you can CLEARLY see that this is a slanderous case of FORGERY, FRAUD, and attempt at getting attention.

I worked at Miami Ink for quite some time, before friction began between Ami (the owner) and I started, all of which was fueled by insecurity, jealousy, and lack of work ethic, ALL ON HIS PART. After endless counts of trying to make it work, it was clear that shit wasn’t working out, and we all decided it was best to go our ways. I guess the old saying is true, “You can’t shake hands with a fist.”
But I always saw this as a positive new beginning… for the both of us! NEVER, have i wished the Miami Ink crew any harm – quite the opposite. In every interview after me leaving Miami, up until this very day, I always say how its a bummer things didn’t work out, and even though I don’t stay in contact with any of the guys, I wish them the best. And personally, I’m not the kind of girl that could harbor bad feelings inside. That always ends up making you a miserable human being, and i refuse to be that person. Shit happens, and you move on.

I did move on, and really focused on my tattooing, new shop, new crew, family, and myself. Consequently, La Ink was a success, and all the hard work truly paid off. But while everyone around us was supportive and happy for us, jealousy and fear grew in others, causing a feeling of desperation.
the next thing you know this fake 8×10 thing pops up, with much surprise to me. I mean, the first time I saw the actual photo with the writing on it, I almost puked, considering, those are things I would NEVER even think about, let alone write!
After serious investigation, all conclusions proved that it was NOT ME who wrote that junk.

And to think, the people I once loved and cared for like family, are the ones responsible for all of this. I’ve heard about strategic press, like a sex tape before the launch of a new season “magically” surfacing to the public, BUT THIS IS TRULY A SAD, SAD ATTEMPT.

I am in no way, planning on discussing this topic any further with press, and refuse to feed into this drama. this is what they want, attention. But I have always felt like my MySpace was a place where true fans go, and we can stay connected through my blogs and bulletins. This is why I feel this inclined to let you guys be aware of the truth.

Personally, I STILL don’t wish anything bad upon the REAL culprit in this crime, but hope that one day, they come to the realization that living a life fueled by hatred will only make them unhappy in the end.

Thanks for those of you who took the time to listen to me, and continue to support everything good that we are trying to get across, because from the bottom of my heart, i love EVERYONE.

Yours truly,

Kat Von D


    This is completely untrue. The writing is obviously not hers. I have an autographed picture from her and that looks nothing like her writing. It is so apparent that Ami is jealous of Kat and desperately willing to try anything. Pathetic really.

  • Whoever it was isn’t enough of an anti-Semite to actually know which way the arms go on a swastika…

    • reubn

      I was thinking the exact same thing, lol.

  • Nan

    seriously? leave her alone. the tattoo industry does have a few folks that don’t exercise tolerance, but for the most part thats all we do. look at us, covered in pictures etched on our bodies… old ladies still cringe and she’s gonna “say” something anti-semetic? again, seriously?

  • Life

    SHIT, i wish all RELIGIOUS people would find their own fucking planets, separate from Seculars! assholes!!

  • edison kira cool

    that is obviously the reverse of the nazi used swastika, and has been seen in old religions including to this day buddhism.

  • Jen

    Kat Von D handed the picture personally to Chris Garver.

    Chris Garver is a very respected artist and person in the tattoo industry. I would take his word over Kat’s any day.

    She handed Chris the photo to give to Ami. The fact that she’s denying it shouldn’t be a surprise. She’s just another fame hungry individual who will do any kind of stupidity just to get attention.

    Besides, the handwriting expert said there is a 99% probability Kat wrote the message.

    Any thinking person will see who’s lying here.

  • Magnum

    I dunno…her grandfather was a Nazi officer. Maybe it is true. Either way I still wanna bone her.

  • meeee

    All of the sudden she doesn’t want to boast about her grandfather Von Drachenberg serving in the Third Reich’s Ministry of Propaganda.

  • That’s a bit much, don’t you think? It’s kinda like in middle school when you’re mad at someone so photo-shop a pic of the pincipal’s head on a horses ass and leave it in his office with the other kid’s name on it.

    Grow up… PLEASE.

  • Dan

    Kat should lose her show!
    Ami had the writing analyzed and GUESS WHAT! 99% sure it’s Kat’s handwriting…so all you Kat supporters can get over yourselves and admit you are support an anti-semite spoiled child like Kat von dufass. I can only hope she loses her show over this.

    • ThomasER916

      Oy vey! It’s like anudda shoah! Shut it down!

  • I think…

    …that this is probably BS. Take a second look at the quote from TMZ (and go ahead and scroll to the top to make sure I didn’t change it) below:

    At that point, TLC “went to a handwriting analyst who concluded “there is a 99% probability that Kat Von D” wrote the message.

    Note that the sentence has several quotes nested together. Also, at the end of the sentence, where it says “wrote the message” is OUTSIDE of the quotes. TMZ crafted the statement and made this conclusion, not the quoted source. Typical “journalistic” garbage.

  • Lo

    Funny how Kat keeps saying that she was a perfect angel and all the problems were Ami’s with the shop. They showed her in several episodes, sitting there tattooing a customer, and at the same time verbally cutting down the shop … all in front of Ami. You don’t cut down the boss’ shop and then go all “boo hoo” when he fires you. “It wasn’t me, it was all him.” Sure, Ami’s no angel himself, he’s tempermental and full of himself, but Kat deserved to get fired. I watched the show.

  • ovrtp884

    Dan and whomever,
    didn’t you read the part where she said it may or may not have been a pic she signed for a fan that was then doctored. happens all the time and it’s hardly a difficult task to use to slander someone.

  • M.M.

    See, it’s the Chris Garver part that I don’t understand. He’s supposed to be the older, smarter one. In theory, if Kat Von D. handed him a picture with such slanderous writing, either to hurt Ami’s feelings or as some sort of misconstrued joke, Chris Garver would know that Ami’s the sort of person who wouldn’t find it funny. Why wouldn’t he pick up a lighter at the first opportunity? He played the neutral party when Kat Von D. was fired, why would he turn her back on her? He should have rolled it up and said “Kat, not funny. Bad Kat. Bad!!”

    It just seems so out of character that I wonder how it could have happened at all.

  • Nicoll

    I would just like to point out that if this were true, it wouldn’t be some small thing on the internet that I didn’t even hear about for quite some time after the “news” broke. If it was in any way proven that Kat Von D did write that statement, then there would have been repercussions for Kat. There wouldn’t have been any way for her to deny this if there was any proof that it was her handwriting. If she was such an antisemite, why would she have taken a job working for a Jew? Think about things a little before you get so drawn into them you are willing to make accusations.

  • debi

    i don’t no about her writing anti-semetic remarks on a picture but it is true she was unhappy in miami and at ami’s shop. if you watch the show she did bitch about everything from miami to not wanting to tattoo on paul sr girlfriend because she thought it was benneth her. i feel she should have kept her comments to herself and talked to ami off camera. it would not have killed her to go there and tattoo this women even if it was a drawing a two tear old could have done. business is business and you can’t afford to piss off anyone let alone someone famous that could bad mouth you and cause your business to suffer. i think ami handle it the only way he could. even someone that speaks his mind and strong willed has to look out for his livelyhood. if she did write racist slurrs on that picture then she’ll pay for it in the end. i truely believe that bad karma catches up with all of us.

  • Isnt she a mexican? How the hell could she be a nazi?

    • Zahavah

      Yes her mom is mexican, but her dad is of Germany ancestory. This is a mixed/marriage. People of different nationalities, ,race, religion Do Marry !! What is so hard to understand that !!

  • F. Silberer

    Don’t forget anyone that a “von” anything (german blue blood) who happens to land somehow in south america, Argentina of all places, has to be – according to history and statistics- some connection to the former nazzi protipendade that self exiled not to risk the long hand of justice. So why wonder she has antisemitic outbursts? It’s in her genes…

  • hawk222 wolf

    So mom was a beaner Dad was Kraut so she not pure Arayan, but has a Nazi grandfather thats she proud off stupid bitch hollywood is run by Jews your fame will slowly disappear.

  • hawk222 wolf

    The communist were not as Bad as the Nazis ,Nazis hate anything that was a darker shade then them Arayan blue eye blond hair super race, were as the Communist would except you of a different race if you believe in there cause.

    • Lucifer Light

      Wrong. The Germans embraced Jesse Owens. Luz Long had to give Jesse a pair of running shoes, and a tip on how to win the long jump which won the gold medal for Jesse. Jesse carried a picture of Hitler shaking his hand, contrary to popular myth, saying “it was a most beautiful moment” When America snubbed Jesse. He was never financed, and FDR ignored Jesse and never invited him to the white house. Jesse had to ride the freight elevator at the Astoria to receive his award. Jesse said he was treated FAR better in Germany than he was treated at home.
      Jews were the FAR bigger RACIST mass murdering criminals of WWI and WWII, they just have to lie to keep covering their asses from their own genocidal treacheries. That’s the truth.

    • ThomasER916

      You’re wrong, stupid, indoctrinated, and a dickless loser.

  • hawk222 wolf

    Carl Marx in vented the word racist who was a communist.

  • hawk222 wolf

    You suck Nazi If I could I would bomb your city again .Russian shock troops .

  • hawk222 wolf

    Hm mexican and nazi so thats peper in the sour kraut she brag about her granddads nazi genocide what a stupid beaner kraut .

  • hawk222 wolf

    All that tatoe shit .She on the cover of Latin so the latinas accept her Nazi pass too stupid bitchs everywhere .Get a education dumb bitchs .

  • hawk222 wolf

    Im not too crazys about Jews but killing children, women ,old people is not my style and thats what Nazis did there nothing but evil .

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