Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are totally doing it

Owen Wilson was seen driving away from Kate Hudson’s home on February 23 which means they’re definitely doing it. The two dated previously before Kate broke it off and inexplicably ended up with Dax Shephard.

“They are hooking up,” a Wilson insider told Us. Confirms a Hudson source, “They have definitely been talking, hanging out and, yes, hooking up.”

Kate Hudson was also rumored to have hooked-up with Justin Timberlake, but sources say that their relationship is very casual. In conclusion, Kate Hudson is awesome. Do you think if I wear this polka dotted bow tie and high-water pants Kate will find me irresistible and want have sex with me on the side too? Nothing serious I mean? If I wear this fedora, do you think she’ll let me try anal? I heard girls are powerless against fedoras. Was I misinformed?

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