Keira Knightley is naturally fit

Keira Knightley doesn’t have to exercise to keep her weight down to a respectable 89 pounds. Instead, she credits a “grueling work schedule” and “dancing to the radio” for her 12-year-old boy-like figure.

“I really like the idea of yoga but I can’t do it. It just pisses me off. If anybody tells me to relax then I just tend to tense up. That’s why I’m not a yoga girl at all unfortunately. And gym work is just so boring and repetitive. I’m not a gym person at all. The most exercise I get when I’m not working is when I turn up the radio.”

I call BS. Keira looks like she could be blown away by the wind if you didn’t put a paperweight on her. If you grabbed her arm, you might completely shatter it. You don’t get that type of body unless you’re only eating two strawberries a day. Even prisoners in concentration camps would look at her in complete shock as they gave her their last piece of bread. No joke. This morning I took a dump and I’m pretty sure it weighed more than her.

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14 years ago

I think, Keira has a very nice body. She’s not too thin.

14 years ago

Actually, some people are gifted with a high speed metabolism. Because of that, those people cannot get fat no matter what they eat. I know that because I used to be like that myself, just a couple of years ago.
In time she’s going to put on some pounds but right now she’s ok. If you try to put on weight by changing your metabolism, you might wake up someday and realize you’re just too fat!
Please stop with those malicious comments regarding her weight!

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