Kim Kardashian was sued

Sonja Norwood, mother of Brandy and Ray J (Kim Kardashian’s ex-lover), filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming when Kim Kardashian was employed as Brandy’s stylist, she was given an Amex card to use on one purchase. Sonja says Kim gave the card to the rest of the Kardashian family (Khloe, Kourtney, Robert Jr.) who spent a total of $62,793.83 in unauthorized charges in 2006 and $57,841.82 in 2007. A total of $120,635.65. Sonja says Kim was even brazen enough to use the card at her own store, Dash and Smooch. The Kardashians responded with this statement.

“The charges against the Kardashians are meritless. Both Kim and Khloe were employed by the Norwoods and never used their credit cards without their express authorization. The Kardashian family looks forward to proving the absurdity of these claims in a court of law.”

It’s baffling why Sonja didn’t call Amex to freeze the card. Last time I used my card in a different city, they blocked my access. What a bunch of jerks. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have your card declined at a strip club? Instead of stuffing $1 bills into their g-string, I had to stuff McDonald’s gift cards.

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15 years ago

man thats crazy! i doubt she did that! i love kim! im soooo excited for the new season of her show on march 9th on E!!!!! omg im totally excited i can’t waitttttt

Saman Rayaneh
15 years ago

ms2fab ok?
This is a Fun

15 years ago

ms2fab: you are a spammer from the Cashmere Agency. You post under many names on many blogs, all advertising shows for the E! channel. Your intentional misspellings are ridiculous and your moronic attempts at speaking like a demented tweentard are laughable. In short, ms2fab, you SUCK. Hit the road.

Mei Li
13 years ago

who is kim’s birth mother?