Kira returns?

Edison Chen

Two new pictures were leaked today in the ongoing Edison Chen scandal. One featuring Bobo Chan and another of Rache Ngan (?). These may give hope to people waiting for the release of the source video as it may indicate Kira was not paid 1.3 million USD to go away. As the scandal continues into its third week, Edison will return to Hong Kong on Sunday to give a formal statement about someone stealing pictures from his computer. He may have to testify. Reports also say Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are seperating and will divorce as a result of these pictures which were seemingly taken right before their marriage.

One has to wonder. Is a life of shame and embarrassment the fate that befalls all women who don’t wax, shave or trim? The answer, I believe, is a resounding “yes”.

NSFW pictures here and here. Read the conspiracy theory from Hades translated by Labyrinth after the jump.

Latest News!
Kira received 7 million HK dollars, disappears forever.
Beijing, Feb 12, 2008

The curtain has dropped: According to friends in HK, all the photos we have seen thus far were screen captures from videos. Gill’s photos were the first 10 minutes of the video, why? Because it was a used as a bargaining chip for extortion. Secondly, the audio of the video involves the reputation of many other big-name celebrities.
Gaoqing (who?) has over 1000 photos alone, and they were partially released last year. The first time Edison’s photo got released was the result of a hacker. This hacker has the most complete data. In order to protect himself from hackers and trojans, he transferred part of his data to his Apple computer. Apple does not run Windows, and most trojan are designed towards windows. The photos that were stolen during his computer repair is only a small part, and that is to the person we come to know as Kira. Photos of Vincy Yeung released on the 9th was unexpected from EEG Music. As we know, Edison’s photo all came in a set, and every women has a complete collection including the sexual parts. Usually they are released in few numbers first, then released in completion. So Vincy has a complete collection too.

Kira’s upload on the 9th, 4:45 is the last upload from Kira. He had an agreement with EEG in the amount of 700 hk dollars. Why did Gill’s manager said Gill would appear on the 11th? Because they have came to an agreement with Kira. After the money is received he needs 24 hours to confirm payment, also time for him to flee. As a matter of fact, the photos he has have already been uploaded to various free servers in the United States and Europe. If the discussion does not fall into place or if anything were to happen to him, he has set automatic emails that would email the links to his trustworthy friends, so they can spread the files. The reason Gill appears in front of the media on the 11th, and the fact that she had a big smile on her face, was because she knew the ordeal has came to a rest.

What’s Kira’s gain for showing us the photos? What does he get by destroying the life of these celebrities? He is not a warrior of morals, he’s just a regular Hong Kong citizen. Money is his ultimate choice. So everyone, please stop calling for him, he has disappears forever. From tomorrow, there’s a lot more entertainers going to entertain us, and the danger is over. It is disappointed for us, but we all know the reason behind Kira’s action.

The photos actually were stolen a long time ago. At first Kira talked to Edison, asking for 5 million HK dollars, but was not agreed upon. Edison was afraid he won’t be able to get back all the photos. He looked for Yeung Shou Cheng (EEG’s president) to help him on the matter. Eventually, Kira released some information to the media, the magazines last year briefly mentioned this matter. However because of EEG’s influential power, magazines were afraid to show the photos nor pay Kira. Through the help of magazine’s editor, one of the three members from Kira’s group was found. He knew whether he surrender the photos or not, he was doomed. He did not say anything while being question, and was eventually killed. The other two then fled to Southeast Asia, and again try to distort EEG and Edison. Befor the matter gains public attention Edison already knew, because both parties could not agree on a price, this time Kira was asking more than 10 millions. Edison took a private car to Shenzhen, then to Macau, took a private plane from his dad’s friend to the United States, and look for Vincy Yeung to help his cause. Yeung Shou Cheng thought he could handle the matter, but eventually it was still not solved. Kira has decided to raise the price, and released the photos the night when Edison fled HK. Since that day Kira has been raising his price every day. It is believed Kira is in Thailand and Indonesia, and Kira is a group of two, and the data has been uploaded to the United States.
Do not think you have seen the best of all, why hasn’t C10’s and Maggie Q’s photo being released? Because Kira hasn’t gotten the right price, or because of safety reason, there isn’t a safe way for him to get paid.
Right now, both parties are fighting. The involvement of HK police has propelled this tension to its maximum. If Kira is sure he couldn’t get his money, there’s gonna be a monster upload, but not all. The reason is because there’s heavy involvement from other celebrities, including HK, China and Taiwan. If Kira wants to live longer than Edison, he would have to have something to protect himself from.

It is obvious what is going to happen to Edison, he’s going to die unnaturally.

Vincy’s 3 photos was a declaration of power to EEG, showing Kira has even better materials. This action forced EEG to come to the table, leaving the police behind. Bobo’s photos that were uploaded today were no longer of importance, since she was only a sacrifice in this whole matter. However, Vincy, C10 and Maggie Q, definitely will not be released today. Because this is Kira’s ultimate chip. And the most controversial material in Kira’s collection? I dare not say, because I don’t want to die before Edison does.

Trust my information and do not ask me where the information is from. Use your head to decide whether this is true.

  • YES! Kira return! wowo woowoooooooooooooo

  • Anyone of the 8 women shaves?

  • O’Bailey

    Edison will be clever enough to retain a few photos somewhere up his sleeves so that he is not to die “unnaturally”!

  • woo beans

    assuming all the gossip is true… i think matters of homicide & child pornography are a lot more serious than some stolen photos. shows you where HK police priorities are.

  • Jim

    Foreign born, Westernized Asian girls tend to shave. The natives don’t, unfortunately.

    Nicholas was dumb to marry that ugly bitch anyway. If you are a celeb and decent looking, you can do a whole lot better than that hairy cunt.

  • omg

    cecilia is a goddess you idiot. Just because she has a bit of pubic hair doesn’t mean she’s ugly.

  • kira fan.

    dear kira,
    i hope you are reading this.
    please help destroy as much of hk fake industry as possible.
    if jacky chan is involved, please do that stupid grinning monkey too.
    please stop bothering bobo, she is a nobody anyway. she is the real victim of this.
    you can keep screwing edison if you like.
    feel free to post more of gillian.
    as for the other unknowns, you can do as you please.
    as for cecilia, also do as you like, but please post only good ones.
    if any incriminating stuff, or upsetting stuff for EEG albert yeung, please do that too.
    show that hk real people don’t give a f*** about money people,

    thanks a lot!
    a kira fan.

  • Damn!!!!

    DAMN!!!! LOL
    This is crazy, I wonder what’s going to happen to Kira when EEG gets a hold of him/them.

  • YoungUn

    She’s fugly man. No ass, fake tits and all bone. Plus she’s got more hair down there than a gorilla. Goddess? Please.

  • Marley

    Would like to see the impact of it if Jackie Chan’s involved in this. After all, he’s gonna be one of the Olympic torch bearer, no?

    Jackie Chan, father of a love child and lover of a holier-than-thou startlet.

  • Fcuk

    Agreed, asian girls don’t tend to shave.
    So it’s not surprised to see hairy asian chicks, I guess its the difference in culture.

  • Fcuk

    I would love to see Jackie Chan being screwed, who always act like a perfect man with no sin and talk a mouth full of bullshit in front of the media.

    Wonder how he’s going to respond if he’s being replaced for the Olympic torch bearer position.

    Go Kira!!!

  • charlie not chan

    If Kira was after money -why did he release Bobo’s pics before her marriage to the rich guy? He could have waited for her to marry and then extort her new found wealth by marriage.
    Also, if he wanted money from Edison, why release so many pics as to make it pointless to get any money – he could have just released 1 or 2 pics to make his point – not 500+pics.
    The Women, Cecilia, Gil, and the other starlets have a lot to lose, if not more than Edison, if pics were released, and they all had money – why didn’t he extort them all?
    If money was negotiated and wasn’t enough, why leak so many pics out with so many people at same time? He could have just used one pic of Edison to make his point to the rest of the celebs – they would have paid any price to keep them closed – My guess is that Kira is not after money, but is totally pissed at the HK film industry as a whole.

  • hmmm……


  • notoriousPIG

    “that’s one hairy bitch!!” said king kong….
    your’s truly, KIRA… tee hee hee
    (laughing with hand over mouth)

  • SS

    you guys are sad f**ks

  • SS

    Someone should hire some hackers to smash up Kira, or better still hire a hitman to take him out. What fake entertainment industry? It just reflects Hong Kong. And all normal people who delight in this scandal destroying lives is just a sad reflection of how far in the dumps this society has gone. You f***kers are all part of this same “fake industry”, that’s why this is even a scandal in the first place

  • Hai To Mou

    there was one unknown girl who had a perfectly shaved pussy. cant remember her name. Man!! Cecilia’s hairy pussy reminded me of my ex!! girls should shave or at least trim their beavers. this is sad!!!

  • waxmewillie

    you mean “shaved” like britney “watch my stubble” spears?

  • go kira

    people from EEG have been known to shove ping pong balls, sleep with stars + their mother (3p) and dip french bread sticks into wanna be starlets. with edc’s new record company i can’t see him being any different, only that edc will record everything!

    and yeah, i also say to leave bobo alone. post more pics and movies of gillian so she wipes that grin off her face – as if she is naive. gillian cried so much with her last scandal (changing room peeping tom) and gave everyone the false impression she was “clean”. But in fact she’s been a slut from the start!

  • moreplease

    He had an illegit child. So his image is not clean. Everyone knows he cheated. How many rich/powerful guys don’t cheap.

    I doubt we’ll see any photos of his. He’s not as dumb as the girls.

  • papadoll

    I think Cecilia got fake boobs too. Cos her skinny frame is too small to be endowed with such full boobs.

    Now we all know… At least her boob job not too over the board!

  • Johnson

    Evidences show big boss behind Kira,she/he is not alone. Until now, what we saw are pics related to 1st and 2nd steps of making love, there must be more powerful bombs to be released later…real fuckin’ steps…Edison is a dead man.

  • speed128mph

    B’cos Kira target is not the persons in this scandal. Kira’s ransom target is those HK VVIP. Maybe as the rumor said Jackie Chan, Albert or others. I’m expecting for the video clip, if the VVIP involved in these scandal…. Or all the pictures was released by Edison Chen (Kira) cos he’s still the one who have complete data….

  • mmm

    yes, poor Bobo. she is the only one that I actually feel bad for.
    fuck cecilia and gillian! and are cecilia’s tits fake btw? they look so unnatural and round

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