LAPD might investigate Sam Lutfi

Sources within the LAPD are telling TMZ an investigation into the allegations that Sam Lutfi drugged Britney Spears may be underway. The case has been purportedly assigned to the Robbery Homicide division and they have already interviewed several witnesses.

Not true says Page Six, Radar Online and X17. Richard French, the LAPD pr rep, said “there is no investigation into Sam allegedly medicating Britney.”

Sam Lutfi’s spokesman said, “Internet tabloid gossip Web sites need to stop reporting bogus stories without knowing the truth. They need to stop brainwashing the public.”

The best part of this is after the statement, Lutfi slipped a roofie into the reporter’s glass of water and then raped him. Investigations may or may not be underway to see whether or not I completely made that up.

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13 years ago

Am I the only one who still doesn’t know who the hell this Lufti guy is? Where did he come from?

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