Learn to poop and afternoon time wasters

Video may be NSFW depending on if you understand Japanese and are offended by tigers teaching you how to poop.

  • Me: 2 more days until the Blonde and Blonder giveaway ends. Five winners will be chosen. Top two winners will get a DVD signed by Denise Richards. Bottom three will get regular DVDs.
  • Bastardly: Mary-Louise Parker is so white
  • CityRag: Hot viral vids
  • Bossip: Tatted titties n’ thighs
  • FHM: Ashley C. Meh, not the greatest FHM
  • Celebitchy: Denise Richards will do reality TV
  • TC: Tupac and Biggie Feat Britney?
  • CS: Former American Idol star that no one cares about is no longer pregnant
  • SOW: Corey Haim gets a job
  • College Humor: This girl is 6’8” yet it looks like she can barely dunk. She also sounds like a man
  • Dlisted: Amy Winehouse’s new friend is named Blake. Might be gay
  • ASL: Natalie Portman’s shoes weren’t made from slaughtered animals. That’s one extra steak for me
  • Vidimag (NSFW): Coco has pierced nipples
  • IDLYITW: Lily Allen is talented
  • INO: Jessica Alba promotes another horrible film
  • Celebparasite: Jamie Lynn Spears wants to be a writer
  • I saw Tupac and Ganued together last night

  • this is really a cute video

  • Pooper

    The subtitles aren’t actually what they’re saying in Japanese…just a heads up, not sure if you realized that someone added their own translation as a joke…

  • Yea, I know. Probably should have mentioned that in the post.

  • thank you

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