Lindsay’s mom approves

Dina Lohan approves of Lindsay Lohan’s recent nude Marilyn Monroe photo shoot for New York magazine saying it was tastefully done.

“I respect the photographer as an artist, so I look at them artistically. For him to call Lindsay 46 years later and to say can you recreate these photos is an honor. I looked at it as art, and as Lindsay doing a character. So I don’t look at them like it’s Playboy; she was being a character. So if you look at it that way, you can look at it as a mother.”

And Dina adds that had the photos been inappropriate, Lindsay’s sister Ali would not have visited the set. “Trust me,” Dina tells PEOPLE, “I wouldn’t have sent my 14-year-old to the set [if the shoot was in bad taste]. And obviously Lindsay wouldn’t do anything with her sister there, that was risqué.”

It’s art when you play a character. It’s porn if you’re just yourself. That’s why girls like Lindsay Lohan are easily tricked. You could dress her up as a cheerleader and tell her she’s going to be playing the part of a promiscuous girl ready to take on the entire Lakers roster. That’s classy. If you just told her to go out and have sex with all of them, that would just be a filthy gang bang. See the difference?

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