Michael Jackson wants to keep Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson aims to keep the famed Neverland Ranch with a new loan. Insiders tell CNN that the Jackson estate will not be auctioned off at a courthouse. Someone paid off the delinquent taxes on the ranch which makes it unlikely it will go up for auction.

“There are plenty of lenders willing to work with him. The real estate market is very bad right now and Jackson is being affected just like many other Americans,” the source said.

A Michael Jackson designed theme park with trapped doors and secret passages built under the rides to whisk children away to his naked moon bounce room outfitted with state of the art recording equipment may seem like fun, but it’s really not. Believe me, I went there when I was a kid. Worst. Family vacation. Ever. The settlement money was amazing though. The memories. Not so much.

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16 years ago

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eddie finchley
16 years ago

You sound like a screaming paedo yourself bum boy!