Morning time wasters

Angelina Jolie

  • Hollywood Rag: Angelina Jolie has cravings
  • Egotastic: Natasha Bedingfield in a bikini
  • WIMB: He looks just like Sideshow Bob
  • HB: What Tony Romo was doing on Super Bowl Sunday
  • Hollywood Tuna: Rose McGowan is pale
  • Lossip: Salma for Unicef. I once knew a kid who’s dad worked for them. We all laughed at him. That was kind of mean.
  • AB: Emasculating mother of the year
  • DH: Stacy Keibler gained 10 IQ points
  • Flisted: Jessica Alba can’t take a compliment
  • INO: Threats to kidnap Shiloh
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